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Remote Desktop will allow you to connect to your office dekstop PC.  The following are for Windows 10 users.  Mac users can download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store. 

  • On your office computer, get your ip address by going to:     (Remember to leave your computer on and lock the screen.)
  • Write it down, take a picture, or text it to yourself.  You’ll need it later.
  • On your home computer, start your VPN.  (Remote desktop will not work without VPN.)
  • Search for Remote Desktop on your computer and start it.  Enter the IP address that you got from the first step.

  • On next screen, enter ad\(whatever your onyen is) for the username
    • NOTE:  ad\[onyen] is needed for computers that use an onyen login.  If the remote computer doesn’t use an onyen login, try the standard login that you have setup.
  • Then enter your password
    • NOTE:  If a username that isn’t yours is present, click on “More Choices”.  Then “Use a different account”.  Then enter ad\(whatever your onyen is).
  • Click OK.  (If you receive a message asking if you trust the location, click “yes”)


Depending on your internet connection, you should be connected to your desktop computer in a few seconds.