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EXSS Staff Duties/Who to Contact While Were All Working Remotely (3/18/20)

Administrative Staff will all be off-site and continue performing their regular duties remotely.

The Utility Crew and Brian Prentice will all be off-site and unable to perform their regular duties.

If you’re not sure who to contact, start with David Mitchell.

As a reminder, responsibilities are listed below.


Administrative Staff


Cindy Atkins, Executive Assistant

Responsibilities include: Assistant to director of graduate studies, tuition remission, graduate student registrar and admissions, administrative staff supervisor.


Jennifer Canders, Student Services/Administrative Support

Responsibilities include: Departmental registrar, course and classroom scheduling, textbook ordering, lifetime fitness assistant, special events coordinator, visitor parking coordinator, publicity/marketing, publications coordinator, mail services, work study supervisor, chair’s calendar, commencement ceremonies coordinator, key management.


Lori George, Grants Manager

Responsibilities include:  Pre-award and post-award grant management


Kelly Hair, Accountant Responsibilities include: Financial management, parking coordinator, Kerr Lake.


Cong Liu, Accounting Tech

Responsibilities include: Accounts payable, office supplies, travel, purchasing, laboratory supplies.


Ashley McCullen, Human Resources Specialist

Responsibilities include: Human resources facilitator, payroll, graduate student payroll, TIM management, ECRT coordinator.


David Mitchell, Business Officer/Director of Administration

Responsibilities include: Financial management, faculty/staff personnel administration, staff supervisor, faculty/staff human resource facilitator, facilities management, policy development, and department operations.

Support Staff


Victor Anderson, Computer Systems Analyst

Responsibilities Include: Website administrator, computer system management and repair.


Darrell Kidd, Utility Crew Supervisor Responsibilities Include: Supervise and train all utility crew members, responsible for all minor moves and repairs, supervises Fetzer equipment room personnel, liaison for all facility projects, equipment ordering, telecommunications management, building and housekeeping work orders.


Brian Prentice, Equipment Room,

Responsibilities Include: Customer service, activity equipment ordering

John Hauser, Utility Crew,

Responsibilities Include: facilities work assigned by Darrell Kidd.

Chris Mertz, Utility Crew,

Responsibilities Include: facilities work assigned by Darrell Kidd.

Andy Cahan, Utility Crew,

Responsibilities Include: facilities work assigned by Darrell Kidd.