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Welcome to the EXSS Remote Operations site. This site is simply to give information and links to resources mainly found on  The site will be updated as needed.  (Note:  Remote access is entirely dependent upon the internet speed and quality at your home or remote location.)

Visit the College of Arts and Sciences COVID Information/Update page for various updates on UNC operations.

The following tools are available:

  1. Cisco Any Connect (VPN)
  2. Remote Desktop application
  3. Accessing Files off Campus with OneDrive
  4. ZOOM (for those needing to teleconference)
  5. Microsoft Teams
  6. More Helpful Links and Resources
  7. Contact Us


During this period, I will do my best to assist with EXSS problems.  For a number of issues, I will be able to schedule Teamviewer sessions to remote to your location so that we can assess a problem in real time.  I will continue to update this site with new information and resources as they become available.

EXSS faculty and staff can contact me at